Summer Reading Ideas To Keep The Learning Alive


There are many reasons why kids and adults alike can’t wait for summer time to arrive. The kids want a break from school!  However, this is prime time to work on shoring up important skills – like reading.

Here are a few fun reading projects to tackle.

The New State Question Game

This game covers many different aspects of education for children. It covers reading, reading comprehension,  and even history. The rules are pretty simple to follow.

  1. When a family travels and crosses into a new state, stop at the first visiting center.  These centers are filled with brochures about the state, give one to each child.
  2. They also have a huge map of the state with those little “you are here” stickers on them so you might want to make a stop there and challenge kids to find certain locations for fun.
  3. Back in the car, have each child study their brochure for a period of time.  When the time is up, parents can collect the brochure or let the kids keep them for reference.  Then it’s time for questions!

It isn’t a test, it’s supposed to be fun.  Throw in questions about the state’s history, capital, birds, and other bits of detail concerning the state.  You might surprised at what your kids picked up on.

If it’s a round trip, when the family is on the way home the parents can ask the same set of questions to see what the children retained from their trip.

You Might Find Something Fun To Explore

If you’re willing to follow your children’s curiosity, these visiting centers point to nook and cranny places that are worth visiting.  These places offer additional educational experiences for all involved. They also offer up the chance to create memories that were unexpected. Not to mention, it makes a great conversation piece for kid’s future essays that they will have to write about their summer vacations.

Turn To Tech On Scalding Hot Days

Summer heatwaves are made more survivable by our tech gadgets.

If you have a smart phone or tablet, there’s a slew of educational apps for all subjects and all age groups on both Apple and Android systems available for free.

If you don’t have a handheld gadget to work with, there are also several programs available to use on the computer.

Fun Online Reading Resources

  • – This program helps kids from ages 3-13 years old. The kids earn eggs as they progress on levels at their own pace. Theses one-on-one lessons are designed based off the child’s particular needs.
  •  – This is a site designed for K-1 graders.This is an intensive online lesson plan for young kids to follow along with to learn how to read. The first level offers 40 individual lessons for the child to progress through. They guarantee that when your child is done with those lessons that they will be able to read up to a first grade reading level with this program.
  • – This is a perfect website for PreK-K students. It is filled with all the resources to teach them standard curriculum. The best part is the child BEGS to be able to do it. A parent can give the child freedom to explore this site, and they will learn something new or have fun refreshing up on skills they have already learned.
  • – This is a site for people age 4-adult. They offer different bundles filled with resources both online and offline to help a person conquer reading.

Enjoy Your Local Library This Summer

If you’re local library has air conditioning, it will become a favorite hideout for your family.

Many libraries offer a reading program that includes challenges and host educational events throughout the summer months.  Warning: A parent may end up reading to their child quite a bit MORE during these challenges. It’s so worth it though!!

Do you have some favorite ways to encourage more summer reading time?

About Crystal Green

The South Carolinian wife, home school parent, and mother of three kids (two boys and a girl.)


  1. Those are great ideas, we all know how testy kids can get on long drives. So now not only will they learn something, the time should go by a lot smoother.


  2. These are really great ideas! I have a 6 year old who is just really starting to comprehend the whole reading thing and this is so helpful to keep him going this summer! Just telling him to sit down and read a book is pointless because he is such an active kid so any ideas to keep it non-boring helps a ton. :)

    • I also have an active easily bored five year old. He LONGS to learn how to read, but he truly just isn’t grasping the whole concept YET. I’m planning on focusing on him all summer with just reading. We did it with my oldest son one summer and it worked wonders. I hope that you’ll be able to use these and your six year old will get up to speed in no time as well.

  3. Debora Humphries says:

    Wow, I love the idea of stopping at the first visitor center and getting brochures. Not only is it awesome for the kids being able to participate some fun learning, but it gives mom an excuse to coax dad into stopping at some more interesting places the kids are learning about. Love it!

    The list of online reading resources is fabulous as well and I really enjoyed that App idea. All of our nieces and nephews have a computer, smart phone or tablet. I will have to share this post with my family members. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Yes, it definitely helps when the kids and Momma get excited over something they see in a brochure. Especially when you can find something in them that would appeal to Dad as well. I’ve seen many caves I wouldn’t have seen otherwise because of this game. Plus it gives everyone something to look forward to, and an idea of when they are going to stop again. It also cuts back on the “are we there yet?” question.

  4. Thank you for these great ideas. I, too, love the visitor center idea. Fun for parents and kids alike! :) and I look forward to checking out the resources, too.

  5. Fun ideas! We love to participate in our library’s summer reading program and activities in the summer. Prizes always psych my kids up to read. :)

    • They definitely do. I think my throat got sore having to read so many books to my youngest son last year. He was determined he was going to win those prizes. We didn’t come close even at reading over 60 books for the summer in his age group. (This year, we have a Kindle that reads to him. ;) ) I’m stocking up on all of the FREE children’s books that Amazon offers.

  6. Love these ideas! I plan to share this post with our local librarian. I think she will want to share it with the parents of her children’s reading group. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Crystal, Some great ideas here!

    I love the state visitor center idea. I know that my kids are so curious about any place we travel that’s different from their familiar surroundings. They would readily embrace this “game.” Add some competitive elements and they will love it. LOL.

    One thing I’m going to *try* to do this summer is to have a designated reading time on the days we are home (2-3 days/week). Just getting mine still, settled, and focused for an hour of reading is sometimes quite a challenge.

    • I definitely understand the aspect of keeping them still, settled, and focused for an hour and how challenging that can be. I deal with that issue everyday I teach my kids. Especially when they don’t get time outside for extended periods of time. I’ve found that having the books read to them via some electric device, I have much more success. :)

  8. We’ll have to try the state game on our road trip to D.C. this sumemr!

    • I hope that you’ll tell me how it changed the overall trip for you when you all come back. Enjoy D.C.! I’ve never been there myself, but have had many friends who have made the trip and highly recommend it.

  9. My little man is only three but I’ve pinned this post for later. Thank you.

    • The would be perfect for your little man even as young as he is now. There are also many things for you to print out that you can do with him. (We had my youngest on it as early as three, and he can do 2nd grade Math with total ease. He has also conquered many other subjects as well as long as someone reads to him.)

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