Cute Swimwear For Moms Who Hate Swimsuits

barbie_surfer_girl_11Woo Hoo!  Is everyone excited that it’s finally swimsuit season? Um…NOT!!!

Swimsuit is a four letter word in my book, as I really don’t see the difference between wearing a two-piece swimsuit and a bra and panties set.

And why do guys get to cover more skin than women? So unfair! We’re the ones that jiggle.

And after becoming a mom, we jiggle even more.  Since you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you’ve had a baby. After having a baby, my body hasn’t gone back to what it once was, and I’m sure yours hasn’t either. And if it has, then you’re a genetic freak, and the rest of us hate envy you.

But, I think I’ve found the perfect way to hide the jiggle.  I had my first pool day of the summer today, and after seeing all the women at the pool trying to cover up in unflattering ways, I was reminded of how very happy I was when I first found boardshorts and rashguards.  Let me tell you the story of how I found out about these cute jiggle-hiders:

I had the pleasure of spending a month in New Zealand and Australia a few years ago (before baby). It was summer, I was super skinny and in shape, but was still paranoid about having to wear a skimpy swimsuit. Boy was I happy when I saw pretty, skinny, teenage girls on the beach wearing boardshorts and rashguards as swimsuits.

If you’ve never heard of boardshorts and rashguards, they’re quick-drying shorts and shirts designed for surfers to keep them from getting chafed due to sliding on and off surf boards. And not only surfers wear them Down Under, but moms, dads, kids, and babies, too. They’re closest to the hole in the ozone layer, so they take skin protection very seriously.

So, wanting to hide my jiggle and protect my skin, I went right out to the local surf shop and bought me some boardshorts (longer than those you see on Barbie in the pic). You can find boardshorts and rashguards at any surf shop: Roxy, Billabong, etc. They’ve become more popular nowadays for women and kids, and you can find them at chains like Target and Walmart, or online at sites like Land’s End.

And the best part about boardshorts and rashgurads are that they’re cute and sporty! Pretty soon you’ll be on the beach waving to the surfer guys who point and say, “Dude…That surfer mom is so hot!”


  1. Angela Green says:

    I love it! Seriously, I dug out my swimsuit the other day and said Yuk!! Need a new variation on the old standby tankini/skirt thing that screams “Mom!”

    Angela Greens last blog post..Review of Outright, a new online bookkeeping tool

  2. Right, Angela! I know about the tankinis and skirts and I just think they would make me feel old wearing them. That’s why I love my cute boardshorts! I still look hip while hiding my hips! ;)

    Erin Hills last blog post..Positive Person Award: Tough Guy With A Big Heart

  3. This is great! This is what I need to cover up all the flaws!! I will have to look into this when I get a new suit!

    Danielles last blog post..Dremel

  4. You should also check out Miraclesuit swimwear. Similar effects with great styles.

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