10 Homeschool Blogs to Encourage and Inspire You


Crafty Crow is a wonderful craft blog for children with the most unique craft ideas that I’ve ever seen anywhere. Not just for homeschooling families, this site is an inspiration to any family. The site is easy to search by category according to what type of activity you are looking for. Be forewarned though..this is a place you could get lost in for hours! Make yourself a warm drink, sit down and enjoy this lovely site.


By Sun and Candlelight is a beautiful blog written by a New England mom whom we affectionately refer to as the Martha Stewart of the homeschool world. Her blog is filled with nature prose and photography, seasonal lists of picture books that she is enjoying with her children and glimpses into her beautifully decorated home. A notebook and planning junkie, she often has ideas on calendars, planners and organization. She also shares some wonderful recipes. As a homesick northerner I love to visit her blog for glimpses of the four seasons!

picture-1Five in a Row is more than a curriculum. It is truly a lifestyle of learning that has enriched the lives of over 50,000 families over the past 13 years. Reading a classic children’s book for five days in a row, your child will learn social studies, language arts, math and science in a unit approach. Jane Lambert has a wonderfully gentle and engaging style. Steve Lambert is a popular conference speaker and an inspiring writer. Their website offers their curriculum, wonderfully supportive message boards as well as articles by Steve. Steve and Jane regard their website as a ministry and there are more than a few of us who would not have continued on their homeschool journey without their loving mentoring.


Blog She Wrote is a photo blog of one of the coolest homeschool families I’ve ever known (well, online). Heather, a Five in a Row user and former schoolteacher has chronicled the different units that she’s done over the years with her kids. They really have a lot of creative fun together and they are an amazingly creative family. If I didn’t live half way across the country they might find me on their doorstep! Don’t miss Adventures of a Home-Schooling Dad!


Heart of the Matter is a new resource site whose purpose is to encourage homeschool families. It offers curriculum reviews, articles, encouragement and a forum. Moms who are home all day with no adult interaction can often get stir crazy. This site is a wonderful way for homeschool moms to connect with other moms for support, inspiration and encouragement.


Heart of Wisdom is a website created by Robin Sampson who is a mom of eleven children (blended family) and thirteen grandchildren. This approach is based on Robin’s conviction through her years of experience that it is not enough to just use Christian curriculum but that the study and application of the Bible most come first. The approach is more than Bible, it is a combination of teaching methods utilizing the ideas of Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick. The website has a exhaustive resources including a book store, article library, free downloads, community boards, worksheets, a scrapbooking to learn and Hebrew roots resources. Robin’s heart is to mentor and disciple women in the spirit of Titus 2. This website is an outstanding resource for the Christian homeschooler.


Homeschool Oasis is a website that serves as encouragement for those considering it, starting it or burning out and needing to light their fire again. This site is over 300 pages so you can really spend some time here. The best way to navigate the site is to go directly to the article index and look around there. The articles are written by Barb Shelton and cover homeschooling basics, legal and testing issues, high school helps and many resources for a mom’s renewal and edification. I read many of Barb Shelton’s materials when I first started homeschooling and they are a wealth of encouragement and inspiration.


Not specifically a homeschool blog, Soulemama will resonate with all creative families. Amanda Soule is the author of Handmade Home, Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials Into New Family Treasures and The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections. One of her interesting quotes is “Living a creative live is made all the more fulfilling and rewarding when we are creating with, for or because of others. Much creative drive is certainly internally driven, but there is such benefit to creating beyond ourselves, beyond our family, and beyond our homes, for our community and the world around us. Connecting with and creating with others can be a powerful and inspiring act, as well as a wonderful gift for our children, teaching them how to connect and share their own passions with others” To that end, Soulemama organized a blanket and cap making drive to send to children in Haiti.


A Holy Experience is a beautiful blog that will refresh your spirit and soul. It is described as a family’s life experiences farming in Canada, homeschooling their six children and learning to see the divine in the daily, God in the everyday. The recent post Pros and Cons of Homeschooling should be required reading for every new and veteran homeschooling family. It reminds us of the “big rocks” we need to focus on as families, most importantly, to live our lives and to invite our children to join us. This is my new favorite place to visit.


Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers is a blog written by a mom who describes herself as an eclectic homeschool and insists that she is mostly socialized. Her blog is filled with articles, hands-on activity ideas, field trip ideas, curriculum reviews and a great FAQ here. Her blog has become one of the top few that I like to check frequently. She has a down to earth style of writing that is at once informative but easy to read and not too wordy.


  1. I just stopped by to check out the list and hopefully find some great new homeschooling blogs to read. I was floored to find my blog on the list. Wow! Thanks! You’ve made my day.

    Now, off to check off the others on your list that I don’t currently read (because I am already a fan of a couple of them) and see if I can add some more blogs to my reader today.

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