Mommy Blogger Taking The Net By Storm

If your looking for a parent who has made a career from blogging, then check out Holly Homer’s  work on the web. I admire Holly because even though she’s been successful she has not let it go to her head. She still treats all bloggers and parents as an equal to her regardless of where they are in their journey. Plus she has made it clear that she doesn’t know everything. She has the ability to make her audience feel like they are on the learning journey with her even though she may be the one teaching a particular skill or knowledge.

Where It All Began

She started out her online career with her blog on June Cleaver Nirvana where we are welcomed to read about her home life experiences. Then since her beloved hometown is Dallas she created She is Dallas and DFW Bloggers with other bloggers to cover area attractions.

Sharing the Parenting Passion

Holly Homer 2As a mother of three very active boys, Holly is the true blue definition of a Mommy blogger.  Kids Activity Blog is one of the blogs that covers her and two other bloggers writing about various activities they’ve done with their kids. Plus you can find her discussing parenting topics in her Parenting Lounge which airs on Tuesday Evening at 9pm. Trust me when I say that these hangouts have become a great source for laughter and fun times.

Sharing the Blogging Knowledge

Holly is a down to earth woman who loves to share her knowledge with others. She not only shares her own personal experiences as a parent, but loves to help other bloggers. She is also employed by Business 2 Blogger. Her newsletters are always filled with many tips and tricks of the trade. She has  created many blogger advice videos on her Youtube account. (She also has other parenting videos too!)

Personal Questions Answered

Question One: What is your biggest issue with working from home while trying to raise your kids?

Her answer: My biggest challenge is not allowing work to creep into everything.  It is my first impulse to write about everything we do and record every moment together, but that takes me out of the moment of LIFE.  To combat that, I really try and keep office hours for computer time – most of those are before the boys get up.  I also really work at NOT taking pictures or thinking about how I would write something for the majority of what we do together.  My boys didn’t ask to be the kids of a blogger and I need to respect that not everything is a blog post.

Question Two: What is your absolute favorite activity to do with your family and/or kids?

Her answer: My boys are in the middle of a four square craze.  We have made a grid on our driveway with chalk and have modified the rules so all of us can play “competitively” including my youngest {and even grandma}.  That is really fun to play since I was a huge 4 Square player as a child.  But my absolute favorite thing to do as a family is in the evening, we turn off all the lights in the house and everyone grabs a laser gun.  We play team laser tag – mom/dad against the kids.  The kids have improved a lot in their strategy and now it is almost impossible to win!

Connect With this Mommy Blogger

Holly is all about making solid connections and friendships. Despite all of this blogging activity, she still has time to make connections with many people online through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Songs To Kids from a Funny Dad

Love a little humor in my day and this one is so great for Dad’s day coming up!

Family Beach Trip: Necessities To Consider Packing

The beach is one of the top go to destinations for many families during the summer months. Now is the time of year that we pull out all the beach gear. But what do we really need to take with us?

We all know the standard list of things we should take:beach-trip-packing-list

  • Sunscreen Lotion, preferably SPF 15
  • Lip balm
  • Lotion
  • An extra set of clothing for the family including shoes
  • Towels
  • Wash cloths in plastic bags or wipes in containers
  • Beach blankets
  • Frisbee and beach ball for the kids
  • Sunglasses
  • Brimmed hats for everyone
  • A radio, if desired
  • Plastic bags (don’t forget to save one for the kids to store their collected sea shells.)
  • Cell phone
  • First Aid Kit
  • Life jackets and flotation devices

Stop Playing The Juggling Act Down to The Beach

I know I personally can’t stand trying to carry everything in different bulky shapes and sizes down to the beach. This multifunctional cart makes transporting the big items such as the beach chairs to the beach with ease. Plus it also contains a 48 qt cooler to store your lunch and drinks in it. The sturdy wheels make it easy to push on the thick sandy beach.

I can’t stand trying to walk down to the beach with my arms full of stuff and trying to keep up with three kids at the same time. So, I recommend getting an easy to carry beach bag that carries a bunch of stuff in it. The neat thing about this bag is you will not have to worry about bringing home a bunch of sand too.

If you have kids, or are a big kid yourself, no beach trip is complete without the proper sand castle building tools . This kit has the shovels, watering can, and even some sand molds. The buckets make it easy to carry all of the tools to the beach too.

Lounge in Stylish Comfort

For some people sitting on a beach towel on the beach is not a very comfortable thing to do. The Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter and the Rio Brands Chairs are stylish and comfortable. It also makes for the perfect get away for the kids to get some shade and still enjoy the sandy beach (or for little ones to get a nap.)

Make Fun In The Sun Memories

The beach is the perfect place to get in some volleyball action. There are so many people who love to jump into volleyball games on the beach. It’s actually one of the most popular things to do on a beach. So, get a net and a volleyball loaded up this summer.

You should also come prepared to find treasures on the beach with these metal detectors. You may walk away with some hard earned cash or some awesome piece of history. People drop change all the time on the beach. I’m confident you’ll find loads of soda cans as well.

Finally, the last thing you should always remember to take is a disposable waterproof camera to take pictures of the beautiful sunset (and of course, all the memories from the day) before you leave the beach for the day.

What are some of the essential items you take with you to the beach?

If You Send A Man To The Grocery Store You Never Know What He’ll Bring Back

It has been a well known fact that men and women register things in totally different ways. You can say one thing and your man can read/hear a totally different thought altogether. This video is truly an entertaining proof of just how it can affect everyday life.

Has this type of situation ever happened to you?

Five Moms Share Their Funniest Moments With Their Kids


Young creative beings say and do the darndest things. You never know what to expect from them as these parents are here to testify.

When they are left to their own sense of imagination, Beth from Put down the Urinal Cake  can tell you that you may end up finding things in your home that you least expect. It happens to even the best of parents! To further prove how great of a mother she is, this hilarious post proves that she usually cures her kids’ wounds with theMommy cure all kiss.”

Funniest Moments with Kids

Summer time is perfect for sharing stories to teach our kids. HMM from Hot Mess Mom shares with us her experience at attempting to teach her kids the value of giving to others. Do you have the same problem with your child’s retention level?

As parents we never know what types of concerns our kids carry on their little shoulders unless we listen their chatter. Robin from Robins Chicks shared a concern her daughter had with us that was a good source of laughter for Robin and us.

Kids who have ample time on their hands tend to create their own games and activities. Lianne from Lulabelle Blog shared some of pictures of the games her and her sister came up with back in the day.

Kids are notorious for wanting to take care of their immediate wants verses what they know another being needs from them. Sometimes that can lead to some very dangerously hysterical situations as Michele from Old Dogs New Tits can testify to.

I hope these posts remind you to enjoy the coming summer months with your kids. Those moments when they are driving you absolutely batty right now may be the very moments you laugh about for years to come later on.

Do you have any memories of your kids making you laugh that you would like to share?

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